About Us

About PT. Grains Indonesia

We are PT. Grains Indonesia and PT. Tobasurimi Indonusantara constantly explore new ways for achieving better results. Our target growth not merely in terms of sales and margin but more in terms of the quality of products and services we deliver to final customer and the satisfaction they derive out of it. As a derivative we have been able to maintain an exceptional relationship with each of our customers which we regard highest among our achievement.

Vision & Mission


The company mission statement is "to be one of the most trusting fishmeal manufacturers in terms of product quality delivered, services rendered, and values in times when the quality of local fishmeal is questioned". To achieve this, the company will continuously expand on its human resources and technological advancement.

Our current strategy includes exploring more in detail the needs of our clients individually, whether it will be used for aquaculture, poultry, or swine. At such, we can allocate the best for just the right consumers at the cheapest cost. We are also looking into creating sub and small partnerships with our suppliers such that the continuation of suppliers can be guaranteed. Lastly, it is important to continually educating our human staff. In achieving this, we are seeking to participate in any event related to fairs or exhibitions both locally and internationally. It is important that we do all of this to maximize customer's satisfaction.

Technical Services

For additional service we provide free advices & information from our experienced staff both technical problems about fertilizing, planting, soil and others.

With over 5 years experience in providing consultancy, maintenance and training services throughout the Indonesia, Technical Services has built up an enviable reputation for expertise, reliability, cost effectiveness and innovation.

As part of Commercial Services, the trading Division of PT. Grains Indonesia, Technical Services has the resources and scope to provide its customers with the best in customer service.